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Journeyman III

Process of updating Bootcamp graphics driver?

Hi there, I have recently used Bootcamp on my iMac to install Windows 10 on my computer and the graphics driver is currently on a very old 2015 version of AMD Catalyst (as my iMac is from mid-2015).

I went to the AMD drivers download and went to the Bootcamp drivers download page ( and downloaded the first one as my iMac falls under that category.

Following the guide of installing AMD graphics drivers, it says to uninstall any older versions currently on my computer through Control Panel, however there is no program in Program and Features that is from AMD and is uninstallable in the list. How would I go about updating my driver?

AMD Catalyst Control Center Version: 2015.0715.2138.37093

Driver Packaging Version: 15.20.1060-150715a-186304C


Any help is appreciated!

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Re: Process of updating Bootcamp graphics driver?

You need to download and run DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) which runs in Windows 10 in Safe Mode (Best Method) or in the Windows desktop with the Internet Disconnected.

Then delete the AMD Installation folder that is created each time you run a AMD Driver package at C:\AMD.

After DDU reboots run the AMD Installation file and see if it installs successfully. If it does and it is working then reconnect the Internet and again delete the AMD Installation folder at C:\.

Now the above is for a normal Windows OS so not sure how it will work in a BOOTCAMP environment.

Found this Apple Mac thread that a User explains how to use DDU in Bootcamp environment:

NOTE: This Unofficial Mac website the User takes the latest AMD Driver and modifies it to work in a Bootcamp PC: