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Journeyman III

Problems with Eyefinity - Resolution and Refresh Rate

These are really two separate issues that I have been searching for answers on with no luck...

Here's the situation - I'm running triples - 2 27" Acer 75hz monitors on the side and a 27" Acer 144hz in the center. All 3 are identical size and resolution - 2560x1440.

Issue #1:

When I create an Eyefinity group, it gives me a resolution of 7680 x 1440. This is what Windows recognizes and what the game recognizes. So far so good. The issue comes when I try to choose a lower resolution to get higher fps. Both Windows and iracing don't give me a 1080p option. They only give me something like 4880x1200. The problem with that is the aspect ratio on this resolution is wrong, so everything appears stretched.

How can I set up a custom resolution of 5780 x 1080 so that everything recognizes it correctly? I cannot find any settings, either in Adrenaline or Windows to allow me to do this.

Things I've tried:
Going to monitor properties and choosing 'list all modes' - nothing there.
Playing around with CRU, but it I'm not familiar enough to be confident there. I change things and my screens go black and I have to reboot in safe mode to get them back.

Issue #2

All 3 monitors are freesync enabled - 2 @ 75hz and 1 @ 144hz. When eyefinity is enabled, it's locked at 60hz, and monitor properties shows me that only 60hz is available. Everything I've read says that I should be getting 75 across all 3 despite the mixed refresh rates. I cannot find any settings to be able to adjust this.

I'd love to hear some suggestions.

8700k @ 4.3ghz
32gb RAM
RX 590 8gb
AMD version 19.12.3
2 x Acer V277U
1 x Acer XV272U