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Adept I

Problems with Amd Radeon R7 250x

I bought an AMD Radeon R7 250X one year and a half ago, it worked perfectly fine on my computer, i didnt have any problems until last month. My windows suddenly restart for a Windows Update, and when it turn on again, the videocard wasn't working how it was "suposed to do". The windows loading screen apears just normal, but when the password screen should pop up, all the screen turns black, and then this kind of glitch apears. When I remove the videocard, it works fine, when I put it back, same problem. I didn't touch it for days, and today I turned my computer on again, it started like nothing was wrong, I was even thinking the problem was solved by "it self", but in 30 minutes of working, the computer restarted again, and the same problem shows up. 

Sorry for my english mistakes, it isn't my native language. 

My settings:

Amd Radeon R7 250x

Motherborad Asus H61M-Plus 

2x HyperX Fury, 4GB, 1600MHz, DDR3

Intel I5-7400 Lga 1151 3.00ghz 6mb

Monitor Samsung BX2331 23-Inch


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Drivers for your graphics card are above. Download the latest display driver for the OS. Also download DDU software. Uninstall the display driver in safe mode with DDU and install the driver you downloaded in normal mode. Also make sure that Windows is up to date.

You can test whether the graphics card is damaged by entering the BIOS screen. Turn off the computer and open the BIOS screen by pressing the DEL key as soon as you turn it on. If the image is clean, the GPU is probably not damaged.

sorry for the late answer and thanks for the tip, but unfortunately it didn`t work :c. But using the safe mode, now I know it's a driver problem, when I disabled the Radeon Display driver in safe mode and started the computer again USING the video card, it worked with no problem, but as soon as I enabled the driver again, there's a message "amd display driver stopped responding and has recovered" and then the computer restart by itself. I've already tried using DDU to uninstall the drivers then install again when starting, same problem. I`m happy to know that the card still works, but now i have to fix this driver issue, cuz without the driver, the video card is useless  

With 4 GB of RAM, Windows 10 works just fine. You should use Windows 10 and install updates. AMD offers up-to-date driver support for your GPU.

mstfbsrn980 wrote:

With 4 GB of RAM, Windows 10 works just fine. You should use Windows 10 and install updates. AMD offers up-to-date driver support for your GPU.

Windows 10 x64 will run with 4GB but it definitely runs a lot better with 8GB or more.

More than 99% of Windows 10 users have the 64-bit version installed

Big Boss

you might want to get more RAM for your rig as windows 10 seems to like 12GB to 16GB of RAM

I have 32GB installed and Windows loves it

Adept I

Heat your gpu processor