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Journeyman III

Problems creating 4x3 MGPU Eyfinity with 2x WX9100 + 1x S400

Hi Everyone,

We have a Dell T7600 with 2x E5-2650, 128 GB RAM, 2x WX9100, S400, 12x 1920x1080 Samsung UD55 running Windows 7 x64 and drivers 18.Q2.1

The aim of this computer is to create a 4x3 video wall with infinity so we can have a 7680x3240 pixel desktop. We've had this running as two, 2x3 desktops with eyefinity, one from each GPU but our desire is to run this all as a single desktop. Looking through the drivers we've never seen the option to combine more than 6 panels into a single display, that is until the 18.Q2.1 drivers.

Unfortunately every time we enable MGPU Eyefinity with monitors plugged into both cards, all the screens flicker then go black, and a few turn pink. Waiting doesn't appear to change anything. It's also impossible to login using remote desktop. After a hard reset, the windows loading screen appears on one of the monitors then everything returns to black/pink with no ability to do anything.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Journeyman III


On Friday (10/08/2018) I tried the latest 2018.Q3 drivers. I was able to enable the MGPU eyefinity and setup my 4x3 display. Things appeared to be working well until on Monday (13th) the screens started randomly flicking to black then re-appearing. This appears to be independent for each display and occus every 10-20 seconds for each display. I've tried cleaning the drivers (AMD Clean Utility and DDU) and reinstalling but even with two displays connected and no Eyefinity the same flickering occurs. Also, I can't open the advanced settings page as it just disappears after 1-2 seconds, sometimes (rarely) with a .NET threading exception.

Since that I've run a .NET repair, and clean installed the 2018.Q2.1 driver that I had before, which puts me in the same position as before. That is, everything seems to work just fine, the screens don't blink and Eyefinity doesn't work on more than 6 panels.