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Journeyman III

Problem with the new AMD ADRENALIN 2020 update

Hello, I have a problem with the new AMD ADRENALIN 2020 update, I have a Laptop Pavilion with two graphics cards one R5 Graphics and another R8 M445DX, the installation apparently is done but then I check the display drivers and I get error 43 from windows in both cards, I await your prompt reply.

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This is a user to user English language only Support Forum.

There are many freely available online tools that you can use to translate your posts into English. Please make use of these tools before posting.


You can also use those tools if it bothers you so much 

Or you could just follow the forum rules set out by the Administrators.Its actually quite simple.

Either way Good Job,


And the interesting thing is that both Chinese and Spanish are spoken by more of the worlds population, yet no forum forum for them or any other exists. Maybe it is time for AMD to relax those so called rules on the forum they rarely participate in. Since these are USER TO USER forums and anybody choses to help if they want to, it's on you if you don't get a reply. Interestingly enough in the past couple years I see many other language posts answered by helpful users either by same language speakers or through using simple translation. While it does say english they also bury it in a sub link instead of the header. Plus if you didn't know English you couldn't read them anyway. So to me since AMD chooses and does SELL in all those places of the world. I sure don't mind helping anyone. 


Anyway as far as your issue goes. Run DDU from wagnardsoft dot com. Follow the instructions. Then you want to download the APU not the Graphics driver. The APU driver has all that is needed for both cards. You are best to get that from your laptops make as many mobile devices have customizations to the drivers that the ones from AMD may not. If you can't get them from there by all means try the ones from AMD. If you had a driver that did at one time work you could also run DDU and return to that driver. Then report the issue to AMD: