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Problem in using RX460 with Samsung C27F390 (Hong Kong User)

Dear All / Support,

Impress in the Rx460 what Amd tells us you back to Market now.

And I dispoint that this card just finds lots of issues.

I have ready asked the reseller to replace the card with the new one recently.

But, I just get the same problem again - the not always appeared damn black bar area:


I am playing the computer game called blade and soul.

If I fall back to use Nvidia GTX650ti , everything works well.

The driver details as below:

Image 014 2018 02 27.jpg

Image 015 2018 02 27.jpg

Image 016 2018 02 27.jpg

Image 017 2018 02 27.jpg

Image 018 2018 02 27.jpg

Also, when the Freesync is on, some time the monitor can't appear any image or with lots of tricky images what just likes an old traditional television with poor non-digital signal.


Please let me have some solutions.

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