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Journeyman III

Problem connecting 2 monitors

Hello very good, I come to ask for help on this problem that I have with my computer, is that when I connect my second monitor it worked for about 2 or 4 minutes and then the 2 turn off while the cp continues to work, and I have to force the shutdown from the button, then I have to reinstall / repair the drivers and trying things, I have tried many things but none has helped me.

My desktop:

Ryzen 3 1200

A320 M PRO M2

RX 570 8GB

12 GB Ram

PSU Azza 650w bronze

The monitors I want to connect are:

dell s1909wx (It is the one I had from day 1 with my PC)

compaq S1922a (the one you tried to connect as a second monitor)


If you want more information about what I did, you can write to me.

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