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Journeyman III

Pro 580 on Bootcamped Win 10 drops FPS after while of playing

It is a few days now since Radeon Pro 580 on my iMac 27" started dropping FPS after playing not very demanding games for a while.

I run this configuration for nearly three years and it is the first time when I experience this machine with 40GB RAM making problems as I had on my old laptop. Running bootcamped Windows 10 was never a problem before. 

Hearths of Iron 4 - game loads with 30 fps but after a few minutes and with no reason (joining an alliance with rest of the world and seeing their units, for instance) FPS drop to 7. 

Soviet Republic: Workers and Resources. I understand that it is work in progress, but I never had 1 FPS on a freshly generated map.

DayZ: once bad internet connection loads textures, FPS are low and the game is not playable any longer. 

Civilisation 6: similarly to SR:WR games loads with 1 FPS after HoI 4 dropped them.


I did uninstall, restarted machine and installed it back. I did turn off Xbox bar. I did try to fiddle with Global and game settings in the Radeon Pro Settings app. I did try to change some of the Registers as my search suggest. Nothing helps.