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Journeyman III

PowerColor Red Dragon RX 5700 XT crashing


I purchased a PowerColor RX 5700 XT Red Dragon, 10 days ago. From the very first time, I had issues. During gameplay it crashes randomly, after 2-20 minutes (APEX, CoD: Warzone). It is very strange that the crash appears only during gameplay and when I try to over/underclock but not during benchmarks like 3D Mark or in any other load/stress test. Green screen appears for a second and the computer restarts itself. The problem almost immediately appears if I press alt-tab during game. After the first crash, the next one will almost immediately occurs after I start the game.
What I tried so far: 
  • Clean windows install (Window 10, up to date)
  • AMD chipset and Ryzen Master install
  • Bios update
  • Checked that PCI Express is in version 3
  • Tried multiple AMD drivers (even the popular most stable ones)
  • Tried to undervolt
  • There is nothing useful in event log
My configuration: 
Power supply: Chieftec Smart Series 700W - GPS700A8
Motherboard: Gigabyte Aerous Elite B450
CPU: Ryzen 3600
Memory: 2*8GB DDR4
Any suggestion is appreciated. 
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Journeyman III

Hi. I have exactly same GPU and same problem, I thought it was something wrong with my MB but how I see it’s not. I been trying to do everything. No idea how to fix it. 100% faulty gpu


if the GPU was broken, it wouldn't work, I have the same card and it's ok

Adept III

hi, what is the amd driver version? and did you uninstall it by the DDU program before installing it?

Journeyman III

I had constant crashes until i tried using 2 separate power cables to the gpu from PSU. After that i have not had any crashes. Before that i tried fiddling with undervolting and trying out different drivers. 

It works for me so try it out.

Journeyman III

Same problem, tried changing drivers, Win10, mobo, cpu, ram, psu, ssd, hdd at no avail, but changing the PSU to a red devil 5700xt fixed it 100%. 

The card is still under warranty, but due to the current shortages my dealer advised that I wait as long as possible to RMA it. Normal turnaround is 3-5 weeks, currently its more like 4-8 weeks and most cards doesn't get repaired (or replaced) but rather reimbursed. That would be useless since a similar card will cost be double if I can find it anywhere.

Currently I have down-clocked the card to 1890Mhz, and the last 3-4 days I haven't had any crashes. My MW Warzone 1440p performance is down approx. 20 FPS, but at least I can play the game at around 100 FPS.

Might work for you...