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Journeyman III

PowerColor Radeon RT 5500 XT - freezes in windows

hello customer support,

my system endures random system freezes in desktop mode under "windows 10 64bit pro" or in 3d apllications. as it seems, this is a wide spread driver problem as you can read in alot of forums icl. yours (all adrenalin versions are affected).

what have i done:

1. system memory check (all fine)
2. main processor check (all fine)
3. PSU check (all fine). i also replaced the PSU with another one (all fine)
4. full check of system affection of viruses ect. (all fine)
5. Extended SSD check (all fine)
6. Operating System check if all system files are healthy (all fine)
7. installed different adrenalin driver packets from amd (all fine, no problems during install/ deinstall process)
8. all firmwares are up to date (all devices)
9. windows update (12.05.2020)

when i use the internal graphic card solution (intel) all works fine. the isusses appear with use of the radeon RT 5500 XT Red Dragon only.

fix the problem VERY FAST, thx. otherwise i send this device back to the company i bought it from and i will never buy a product of your company again. i will never recommend your company to others.

best regards
Ole Engels

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Adept I

Re: PowerColor Radeon RT 5500 XT - freezes in windows

I'm facing the same problem. Even sometime I face VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. Let me know the update.

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