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Possible work around for The System detected a link failure

Radeon RX 450   8gb card  possible to get "  The System detected a link failure and cannot set the the required "

new system  Gigabyte B450M DS3H bios F50 : AMD Ryzen 5 3600 : Klevv  Bolt 16gbx2 32gb total: Radeon RX 450 8gb Card.   VeiwSonic VX 2757  Windows 10 Pro   AMD Radeon Version 2020.0525.1419.25779

would all work on HDMI    with DisplayPort would not get to anything not even bios screen 

Work around was    do not have the monitor turned on

Turn computer on wait till it passes bios beep 

then turn the Monitor on    will be in DisplayPort  Mode 


consider BIOS  " Basic Input Output System"  how much grunt dose it have to produce Video screen?

A Motherboard with VGA ; DVI ;  HDMI ;   onboard graphic (no displayport) the BIOS would be able to produce a screen for those outputs,  add  your own Graphic card  with  DVI ; HDMI; DisplayPort   will you get a BIOS screen hooked to the DisplayPort ????   no   Break this in 2    Motherboard with "onboard Graphic" Verses Motherboard with no Graphic onboard were you are required to have a Designated Graphic Card. 

THE Motherboard with no Graphic onboard were you are required to have a Designated Graphic Card.  The specifications for that type of motherboard should list  the max resolution  off the card. so as to have the  ability to display the BIOS. 

the age of the Motherboard has a bearing on this a 2006 Board would lack Capability wear a 2019 Board could.

as an example  the Radeon RX 450 8gb Card  above came off a 2017 Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P it has no onboard graphic so i could use the DisplayPort straight away and get a BIOS screen. the board and cpu had the capability to so.

the same card Radeon RX 450 8gb is now in a 2020 Gigabyte B450M DS3H and i cannot use the DisplayPort  to get the BIOS Screen.  

With your  DisplayPort    Monitor  turned ON   it sends out a Signal  to say here I am  use me  the same with the VGA DVI HDMI  inputs of your Monitor   the BIOS  will STOP on all Errors   incorrect signal ??

In the case for Me . Windows 10 pro is a much more powerful Operating System Than a BIOS combined with a Graphic Program Radeon Software  i can run my DisplayPort.

to do this is to Boot System WITHOUT the monitor on      

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