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Re: Port usb-c on Pro W5700 does not work???

AMD Forums isn't the Official AMD Support. This is just a User to User forum.

FSADOUGH is an AMD Employee but he helps out, I imagine as a favor to AMD Users, when he can plus he is probably fairly busy with his regular responsibilities at AMD.

If you want to open an Official AMD Support ticket go here: 

But to tell you the truth, not sure if they will help since you are using an Apple PC. They might say to open an Apple Support ticket. But I am just guessing. Maybe they can steer you in the right direction anyways.

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Re: Port usb-c on Pro W5700 does not work???

achams wrote:


Thanks for your answer...


I'm using the new MacBook Pro 16", and I have 2 Apple Thunderbolt 2 Display 27,  connected to the Pro W5700 with the following adapter :


Hope that will help..


Best regards.

Yeah, that's never going to work unfortunately. One of the big shortcomings of Apple's TB Display was that it needed to be plugged into a TB port. You cannot plug it into a mini DisplayPort directly and have it work, even though the mDP output is what drives the display. The display is quite infamous for that, or so I thought, as it even refuses to work when connected to TB ports on some non-Apple systems.

And the TB3-TB2 adapter you are using is similarly notorious for not having the capability to output mini DisplayPort when a mDP cable is connected to it. IMO, that's not functionality you can expect out of a ~$50 adapter that was released when it was, but I guess Apple including "USB-C" in the name and saying it is "bidirectional" can be misleading. (Since one end is TB1/2 and the other end can be USB-C, maybe train of logic deducing mDP as the greatest-common-divisor could cause the confusion?)

The W5700 has USB-C DisplayPort Alt. mode output, which appears to work just like the TB3 ports on your MBP, but they are not the same signal. I guess most relevantly, the way DP is output through a USB-C connection is different from the way DP is carried over a TB3 connection.

You could build a quasi-multiplexing device that takes a display signal, convert it to DisplayPort if necessary, and send it over a mimic TB1/2 connection¹, but it is not pretty nor efficient, for what it would cost, you could sell the TB displays to replace them with similarly spec'ed TB3 displays from LG, Dell, etc. or much better panels if you went for a USB-C model without the dock/expansion function.

¹This would basically be a Thunderbolt "host" device (a Thunderbolt add-in PCIe card for example, or an external expansion board, which you'll have to build yourself because Intel doesn't certify Thunderbolt expansion boards with Thunderbolt + DisplayPort outputs) consisting the TB controller, DisplayPort inputs routed to the controller board (additional circuitry if input isn't already DP), power supply and cooling for the device, and the fake TB1/2 output ports that look exactly like mini DisplayPort, and only carry mDP, but is actually an "empty" Thunderbolt link capable of the signaling that lets it drive Apple's TB display. I figure building one would cost at least $200.

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Re: Port usb-c on Pro W5700 does not work???

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your great answer, it's really helpful...

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