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Journeyman III

Poor performance with rx 480 8gb

I recently purchased an Asus ROG STRIX Rx 480 8gb for a build, but don't quite have all the parts for it so I decided to slot it into my main rig swapping out my Maxwell Titan X to test it. All nvidia drivers removed and gone from the system, I begin testing some games. All games i throw at it run well at 1440p with around medium settings. Except for minecraft, it's a stuttery mess that never hits above 60 fps, always flings around between 0 and 50 fps.

There are no problems running any games at the same or higher settings and resolutions when the Titan is in the system.

This is my first time in a long while using an amd gpu.

I am running on the latest drivers as of 02/09/2018.


An i7 7700k @ 4.2ghz

The Rx 480 listed above, I have not overclocked or tampered with it in any way.

32gb of 3200mhz ddr4

A 750w 80+ gold certified Evga GQ psu

An Msi krait gaming z270 motherboard

A 1tb Seagate sshd @ 5.4k rpm and a 525gb Crucial m.2 ssd

And the latest version of Windows 10 64bit

Thanks in advance.

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