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Journeyman III

pixelated/blocky/grainy graphics especially in games

ive switched from a nvidia gpu to a amd gpu the old was a 2060 and the new one is a 6600xt so its statistically better hardware for some reason however it seems in game (so far genshin and halo infinite) that all the textures looked worse as the title of this states. I dont know why this is the case the settings were the same and i even increased them. I had the latest amd drivers but still nvidia. I uninstalled all types of graphics drivers and reinstalled the amd one only again and it still has a worse looking image in game. Even my old 1060 made genshin look better than the 6600xt. The issue seems to relate to either somehow the switch from nvidia to amd and this did sth? or just amd and sth doesnt work?

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The first thing to try, Use AMD Cleanup Utility or DDU in safe mode. The way you describe the textures, did you try increasing or lowering the brightness in game, I usually adjust that in every game. Next would be to make sure the card is fine from a hardware standpoint, try running a benchmark like OCCT GPU Stress Benchmark or Heaven benchmark. and then Windows trouble shooting system file check and the like. If you have another PC or a friend that can test it for you it helps narrow it down. Good luck!


i already did with the uninstall part i used DDU to wipe everything in safe mode and reinstalled the amd ones. Still looked worse. The gpu seems to be normal as well nothing odd about it. I didnt OCCT stress test it but i hurled multiple applications at it that i like to use to test its performance and it outperformed the 2060 all the time. Thing is the image still looks rly bad, only in video games so far it appears though, at least desktop, chrome and such seems fine. Its like a grain filter over everything and textures that should look and looked smooth/curvy look blocky now. I thought i was tripping so i put my 2060 back in and reinstalled the drivers and took it for a run. The images look noticeably better and theres no grain anymore wiht it. So it has to be a amd thing. I also got some images for comparison now and if u zoom in u can cleary see the grain on the amd ones.


The desktop and normal applications are easy for it to render, when running a game it utilizes the RAM and GPU at a much higher level. I'd contact AMD and ask them about it, then if you still see the problem the next step contact the manufacturer and RMA it. It could be something with the RAM or GPU chip itself that is not working as designed.

One other thing to look at is the settings in Adrenalin and the game to make sure you have AA and AF set like you want it. Also is it in every game? The 6600 XT has 2 GB less RAM than the 2060, but that would only show up as being slower or the game may limit what settings you can use if it detects the RAM amount, and even then it should still render correctly, just slower.

If the textures are noticeably worse on the 6600 XT I'd say the card has some sort of hardware problem, although it's still tough to say sometimes, lots of variables.

Good luck!