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Journeyman III

PC Shuts Down while playing WARZONE.

B450 MSI Tomahawk Stock Fan
Ryzen 7 2700x
Radeon 5700xt OC 8g
2 3000mgh Trident
CPU temp while gaming 40 to 50c
GPU temp while gaming 68 to 71c
CPU temp Idle 30
GPU temp Idle 50
2 Monitor
1440 and 1080
In game GPU voltage usage more likely 100 to 250 w
Everytime I play Warzone after 20 to 40 min of Gaming my Monitors will shut off then after 1 sec my PC will also follow to shut down. Even on main screen after 30 min PC shuts off.
Playing other games like Dota2, Valorant, NBA2k21 no issues at all.
Solutions tried
Underclocked but failed (Im no good at curving fans and underclocking. Used Adrenalin Automated Underclock)
Change PSU from 500w to 750w no effect
Re installation of Drivers.
Re Installation of Windows
Update Bios and Downgrade Bios
Change RAM slots
Still no the same. Shuts off while playing Warzone
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Try Aida64 Extreme. Go to tools > System Stability Test


Check all tests less local disks and click on *Start* at the bottom left corner.

Go to voltage tab in the centre of that window and check what's the lowest voltages you get, if it drops too much that might be the problem...


My PC also started to shutdown on just a few games and others don't, on my case it's the 2 Motherboard connectors or the PSU cables that aren't connecting much good, I had a big drop in voltage when both the CPU and GPU is stressed, I had to open my case and keep moving the 2 motherboard connectors with my fingers until I get good voltage and no more shutdowns on my case and after some time of my room door keep hitting the chair where my PC case is, it goes to shutting down again, so I have to open it up again from time to time and check the voltages again and keep messing with the cables until I get again good voltage result.


But it can also be other things on your case, bad CPU or bad motherboards also sometimes cause that. You could also check motherboard VRM temps and the whole motherboard temp sensors with the software from it's brand and see if something's wrong with it... On my old PC I have a big OC and I have to add a motherboard assist fan to keep the VRM and all motherboard parts cooler (this is rare for a old motherboard non PCI-E 4.0 to need a motherboard fan though, but on mine it says to put a fan when OC).