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Adept I

PC shutdowns, 295x2 doesn't the liquid in the cooling thing need replacement?

So my PC started to act up last summer, monitor went black(no signal) and my PC froze(yes it was very hot summer even here in the nordic hemisphere), so first I checked if one of my ram sticks was dying....nope. I have ran GPU-Z and the logs only show that the clock speed etc. jump to max WHEN my computer crashes, otherwise the temps are normal. I fixed the problem temporarily by changing the PSU cords outlet location. So from this I deduced that my PSU was the one I bought Corsairs HX1200i last week. My system is much staple right now, but still playing on few years old Assassins Creed - Black Flag, my system shutsdown after maybe 20-30mins of play. So is my GPU dying is what I am asking? Please ask any further information if you need it and I will provide it.

Also does the liquid in the cooling system need replacing/adding more to it?

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The cooler is self contained and sealed, so unless it leaks, more coolant isn't necessary. What are the temperatures of your GPU and CPU when your computer shuts off?


Here is the link to the GPU-Z Log file.

It is big took few seconds for my notepad to open it.