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PC not going at full potentiol

So I recently upgraded my pc with a new cpu ang GPU But, I am not getting a 100% of the performance on main games like : AC Odyssey witcher 3 wild hunt anthem, and other big open games even borderlands 3. In loading screens my GPU load will be at a 100% but as soon as its ingame or anything it will not go above 80% work load, Ive seen multiple benchmarks of players with the same CPU and GPU and im getting abolsute trashy fps or benchmarks so to say. Ive also tested a lot of things dod a factpry reset I did a DDU uninstaller and got every new driver for it. I turned of all the AMD sofwate settings for ingame. I dont have anything oveclocked its all stock. ive been messing around with it for days now and It might be my power supply and ram but i just dont know for sure since i am not an expert. My specs are :
Amd ryzen 5 3600 cpu
RX 5700 MECH OC edition GPU
2x8 GB of corsair 2400 ram
a B450M D3SH gigabyte motherboard
A 550 watt coolermaster power supply
1 512 GB SSD
( idk if it matters but i also run 3 monitors 2 of wich are 75hz and 1 thats 144HZ )
I hope someone can help me and figure out the problem so i can fix it.
Like i said on even low settings my AC Odyssey will still avarage around 60-67 max fps and lowest 24-30, Anthem also the same isseu almost the most problems before launching an expidition. And borderlands 3 keeps stuttering and witcher 3 wont go above 70 on ultra without hairworks.

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