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Journeyman III

PC keeps on crashing

Okay, I need help with this. Every time I put the power limit to max and put the vram to 1830 and above my pc keeps crashing. For voltage I have it at 2000mhz and 1110mv. I go into a game like battlefront 2 or rdr2 and not even 15 mins later the screen goes black. Computer restarts itself. I put on the same settings except the power limit is at +20 and put vram to 1820. Around 30ish so mins later the computer does the same thing. Crashes and restarts. Keep in mind that I have an 850w psu. I tried various things to see if I could achieve 1830 vram without it crashing on itself. But nothing seems to work. Has anyone have had any issues with the taichi 5700 xt model? Should I just not touch the vram settings at all? Need help! 

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