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Journeyman III

pc freezes when playing games

hii , i have a AMD RX570 4GB version from gigabyte

i5 10th gen , 16gigs ram ,550 psw

as soon as i open my pc and launch a game the game freezes until i manually press the restart button on the cpu cabinet i have updated drivers , os ( windows 10 64bit ) , everything that can be updated this was not happening before , temps looks stable even i increased the power limit thinking the graphics card might not be getting enough power. i run a 550w psu which is i can say more than enough for a rx570  , the graphics card at stock settings i have cleared storage and checked for potential drive errors and also in registery i cant seem to understand why is this happening please help !

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I only use the MSI Afterburner, the adrenaline software is too confusing and bloated, since you can only install the driver, I use it best. Because of the different graphics machines of the games, I set different profiles for my games and thus have a more stable system. With your problem I would lower the core clock and the core tension, for me it was necessary for some games. With the graphics card benchmark Furmark you can test your graphics card settings for FPS, core clock, power consumption and whether it is running stably. Then set MSAA in the graphics settings of the games as in the benchmark, maybe also avoid Ultra.