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Journeyman III

PC Enters Power Saving Mode When Gaming

Hey guys,

As the title says, I've been having an issue where when I run gpu-intensive video games, my monitor will enter power saving mode and my fans will run to the max for a while before the entire pc shuts down. At first I thought this must be an overheating issue, so I went ahead and added some new thermal paste and pads to the necessary areas. Unfortunately, not only did this not solve the problem, it caused games that weren't gpu intensive to be affected.  I have read other guides claiming that the issue could come from a program called Wattman, but I have never had the program installed on this pc. I also read others that mentioned it could be a problem with the psu, but i'm not sure if that is possible considering I just replaced my psu with an 850w gold psu, which is more than enough to handle this rig. Radeon software says my drivers are up to date. Any tips and suggestions to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.  Specs are below

EDIT: I forgot to mention that when the screen does go into power saving mode, I can still hear the game running normally through my headphones. I hope this helps.


GPU: Radeon RX Vega 64

CPU: Intel i5-9600k

RAM: Corsair 32GB DDR4 at 2133mhz

MOBO: Z390 Gaming Plus


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Adept II

Dumb question, are you running any custom power settings?

If so, check Win 10 > Settings > Power & Sleep > Additional power settings and use balanced.

Also see if your Power & Sleep Screen and Sleep settings are when plugged in, turn off after Never and when plugged in, PC goes to sleep after Never

Wattman is part of the AMD graphics driver software package. If you did a full AMD Graphics software install, it gets installed.