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Journeyman III

PC boots with old gtx750, not rx480

Specs: AMD RX480 Gaming X 4GB I5 - 3740 @ 3.2Ghz

8GB DDR3 @ 1333mhz (I think, thats what task manager says)



DELL optiplex 7010 motherboard

Since about 3 days ago, after a long night of playing video games, I turned off my pc and went to sleep. Next morning comes and my pc turns on (CPU fans spin, GPU lights turn on and fans spin, RAM seated properly as well as all my power cables.) but my peripherals do not, and there is no signal on my monitor. 

When I took my Rx480 out of my mobo and put my old GTX750 in, my pc boots fine, but after I pass the startup logo, it prompts me to install windows 10, as if I had done it for the first time. I do have windows 10 installation media on my USB thats plugged in, but I need it to boot into windows as the boot files were accidentally written on the USB instead of my hard drive. 

I had windows 10 installed already, didnt OC my card or do anything dangerous to it, monitored the temps and it never goes over 70C (not for more than a few seconds under load anyways), and I really only had like discord as well as steam and the origin launcher on my pc and some games from steam. 

My motherboard does support UEFI mode, as it was working perfectly fine with my Rx480 not even a few weeks ago. All help appreciated.



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The first thing you should fix is your windows/boot files.

Post a query on

They'll help with that, then you move forward with the other issue if needed.

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