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Journeyman III

Overclocks are not applied when Chrome is open

Hey everyone,

I think I am experiencing a bug with the new drivers. I have found that when I have google chrome open it makes it so that my GPU will not accept any kind of overclock. For difference I am using an HD 7850, and as such when I have Chrome open the max clock will be its stock speed of 860 Mhz. Once a game has been run, a full system restart is required for the card to take an overclock again. If Chrome is not open when the game is ran, this problem will not occur.

I think this has something to do with the fact that Chrome will cause the GPU to run at 450 Mhz instead of the cards base 300 Mhz for 2D applications. And for some reason if you run a game while Chrome is open it locks the GPU to 450 Mhz, as a minimum. Even after closing the browser it stays at that speed, restarting the system will bring things back into normal conditions. It is just annoying that either you have to deal with reduced performance or restart you computer.

Does anyone know of a fix for this problem or is it just me?

Thanks in advance!

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