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Journeyman III

overclocking one graphics card

I recently built my first PC with an AMD firepro W9100 and was mainly going to use it for 3D work but I also wanted to game a little wich seemed to stress that card too much and I was expecting better even tho it is a workstation graphics card. So I bought a Vega 64 and it has preformed decent but I ended up overclocking it, and so my question is, when I put my workstation graphics card bach in (after I get a new power supply)

Will I be able to overclock gaming card and leave the workstation card out of the overclocking, using the radeon setting WattMan?

and if I install back the firepro drivers while having the Vega drivers will they conflict? will there only be one radeon setting icon?

I´ve only had one graphics card before and this is the first time I´ve overclocked.