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Only 157 HZ



I have a screen that manages 170hz my problem is that the AMD software shows that my graphics card can only write 157 pixels / second. I have a 6800xt MSI, I've read it should manage 288 pixels / second. Does anyone here have the same problem? If I set and save 170, it just goes back to 157.186 pixels / second. Thank you for your help

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Adept I

Is your monitor set to 170Hz in windows?

To check right click on desktop and go to display settings -> advanced display settings -> display adapter properties. Then go to the ‘Monitor’ tab and check it’s refresh rate is set at 170Hz. 

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Yes he is. I have a 6800 xt + Ryzen 5800x 32Gb + Asus TUF VG27AQL1A. The screen is set to 170 in Windows and in the AmD software + screen app, it is clearly stated in the AMD software that my graphics card can no longer work.

Here a Screenshot


I'd set the "timing" to automatic. What you're seeing is the refresh rate that the monitor can handle which is 170Hz. So that is the max FPS to expect without screen tearing, blur, etc., without enabling FreeSync or similar option. Your monitor is probably like mine in that I have a max of 185Hz but it can vary from 48-185Hz using FreeSync. Without FreeSync it can still float from 48-185Hz in apps/games, even with the Windows setting of 185Hz as default just on the desktop. So right now I'm reading 185Hz because nothing is being accelerated for 3D and that is the maximum refresh rate for this display.

From what you are saying and showing your AMD drivers are fine and the card is fine as far as basic display goes. Where in that photo does it say that your graphics card does not work? You're at 1440p, showing 157Hz which if you're using an HDMI vs. display port, explains the slight deviation in total Hz.

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When I open the screen settings I only see 157 Hz and no 170 when I read the description because the graphics card can only write 157 per second.


You're still referring to refresh rate which has nothing to do with the GPU and what reading you see in the settings area. That number is created by what the monitor "tells" the GPU it can display via the monitor's built in BIOS. Jump in a game and hit "control+shift+o" to see what the card is doing. Use FRAPS to see the FPS in a game. That card will display higher than your monitor's refresh rate of 157-170Hz with FreeSync off in FPS. Max FPS=refresh rate of the monitor. In your case should be 170 or more in most games.

If you're not getting the maximum refresh rate of 170Hz that you say your monitor can do and the bottom number of your photo shows the monitor reporting as "170hz", then check your cables. Try another monitor. Make sure to use a display port cable vs. HDMI. You're talking to a guy with 20+ years building PC's, you aren't understanding what you're looking at.

"It worked before you broke it!"

What cable are you using to connect the monitor to the GPU?

It could be a bandwidth problem with the cable.


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