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Journeyman III

Nothing indicate that I have AMD device on my Laptop.

Hi Guys,

I have problem with my laptop (Toshiba Satellite S70-B), I bought 2 years ago and it was working fine until 3 days ago were my Radeon R9 M265X disappeared completely while downloading a game in steam over the night before the problem happened.

I can’t see it in the Device Manager, the only thing is under Display Adapters is Intel HD Graphics 4600:


And If I tried to install the driver for AMD card it gave me this:

(Error 173AMD Installer Cannot Continue Since AMD Graphics Hardware Was Not Found)


Laptop specification:

Operating System

                Windows 10 Home 64-bit


                Intel Core i7 4720HQ @ 2.60GHz

                Haswell 22nm Technology


                16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)


                FF10 06C6 (U3E1)


                Generic PnP Monitor (1600x900@60Hz)

                Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Toshiba)

    Radeon R9 M265X


                931GB TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 (SATA)

Things I tried to do to fix the problem so far:

  • Install the official driver from Toshiba website using DDU. (No hardware detected)
  • Install driver from AMD website using DDU. (No hardware detected)
  • System Restore to the time before the problem. (Only Intel HD 4600 under Display Adapters)
  • Clean Install Windows 10 & Windows 7. (Only Intel HD 4600 under Display Adapters)
  • Reset BIOS, Flash BIOS and Downgrade BIOS.
  • Unified Leshcat Driver for AMD & Intel drivers.
  • Removing the CMOS Battery and put back.
  • Unplug RAM & Hard Drive and plug it back.

So basically, I did everything I could find in the internet and still there is only Intel HD 4600 under Display Adapters, I am not sure if the AMD is dead, but I think if it's dead at least I will find some notification on the Device Manager to tell that there is something wrong with the device.

If there is anything I didn't clear it about the problem please ask me to do so.

I will appreciate any help guys.


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Journeyman III

Hi abdshak,

did you solve the problem with gpu in Device Manager? I have the same gpu problem not showing in device manager on my toshiba with windows 10...if you could help me here how to fix it please.




Hi Filp,
I am really sorry for the late reply, I had a busy month.

I didn't solve the problem, the GPU disappear completely like I never had one. Most likely it is dead, at least this my case. I recommend to try what I mentioned above (Things I tried) before jumping to the same conclusion. Basically those all the suggestions to fix the same problem gathered from the Internet.
Hope you already solve the problem.


Hey no problem,

i didn't solved the problem, so odd because the notebook is new and i have tried all options as i could and nothing...


Yea, I know what you mean, It's the most frustrating thing I faced.

Btw, are you a gamer by any chance? because I remember that the night before the problem, I played Rainbow Six Siege for 6 hours on 10fps and then I woke up to find the GPU dead. Did you encounter the same situation ?


My case i was playing Fortnite suddenly one day i've notice the graphics was very low and when i go to the device manager the main graphic card amd just gone...

All options that i have tried sometimes the card was being detected but not for long, won' t stabilize ...sometimes when the network card shuts down the graphic card shows up from lately won't show up not matter what...seems doesn't never exist.


I see, I had so many problems with my laptop as well. tbh I just gave up trying to fix the GPU problem, and I am gaming on the integrated GPU (Intel)
Last week my laptop was so slow ( Disk usage always 100%) even after I did a fresh Windows install, so I had to shut down the hard drive, and use Windows to go on external. so far is running like new one. but still no dedicated GPU (AMD).


Have you ever tried to open the notebook? Try changing some options in the bios as well? My Bios doesn't have switchable graphics...


Yes I did try to reset BIOS, flash BIOS and downgrade BIOS but nothing helped. as for switchable graphics option I dont think the original BIOS veriosn support that.