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Journeyman III

Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes: XFX R9 270A GPU

Had a system failure due to my Liquid cooling pump failure. Since then I have not been able to get my XFX R9 270 to display on all 3 monitors. 2 x Acer V176L via DVI and 1 Acer G246HL. All 3 monitors work and all cables re good. I have uninstalled via both conventional and DDU utilities but still can't all 3 to display simultaneously. Not sure if it is the card, or drivers but i could sure use some help.


Hi all, thank you for your input. I'm back to good. AMD support gave me step by step by step instructions many of which I had already followed. I also found the Active Display Adapter was making intermittent contact.

still some confusion on my part as I was under the impression that the two DVI connected monitors had to be identical, with the 3rd (or greatest) DP connected. I tried that but it didn't work. So current configuration is as follows: 1 Acer V176L via DVI,  Acer G245 via DVI, 1 Acer V176L via DP with custom resolution Short answer I guess is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Any thoughts ????

Thanks again

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If your pump failed and the card overheated, it is possible it damaged it.


Thank you I've considered that but it seems that all 3 connections work though not at the same time. Also I may have been unclear in the fact that the liquid cooling was for the processor only, still, you've a valid point.

Since my original post I have been able to download and instal adrenalin without the 1603 error. I have also reconfigured my connections reference above to be

Acer G246 via DVI

Acer V176L via DVI

Acer V176L via Display Port to DVI  --------> This is showing no signal  and is not detected


Some GPU cards you need to install an Active Adapter to get the third monitor to work. Here is a comment from a concerning your R9 270 GPU card and using three monitors: R9 270 Refuses to Run More Than 2 Monitors...? - - An Overclocking Community

In order to use three monitors simultaneously, one of them needs to be hooked up via an active display port dongle. There isn't really a way around this, unless he's using one of the few new cards that happens to have the hardware support for three displays over DVI/HDMI. I believe the only cards that support this are in the R9 series.

I run 3 or 4 monitors from a pair of cards, but I hook up a max of 2 to each card. I need to disable crossfire in CCC to get the third and fourth monitors working. That or shell out for active DP adaptors.

E: Can't read the title :/ I'll look into the specifics of support for 3+ monitor support. What inputs are each of the monitors on, and what specific card is it?

E2: It appears to be only the R9 290 series cards that support 3 monitors from a single card without display port. The R9 270 is a rebadge of the 7870, which doesn't have the proper hardware to support it. There won't be a solution in software because the hardware simply isn't compatible. Your best option is to find an active DP adaptor, and plug it in. I've seen them for as low as $30 or so -- bought one for my dad's rig, and he's running a triple monitor setup off of a 5770 using it.