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Journeyman III

No Vram seen: Apex legends

HI, first time on this forum, sorry if not the right category.

Have Had an issue with apex legends for a few months now, had uninstalled, because I thought it was an Apex issue, but as I reinstalled, problem still persist, so I think it might be a hardware issue.

Apex legends on origin used to play well on my rig, a 2200G on MSI b350 pcmate, 8 gb Ram. until around january/march of this year (season 10/11 in game), then around the time I added an rx 460 4gb, the issue came with apex now having a hard time even compiling shaders. and when it finally does, FPS is way at best around the mid 20s, if not litteraly at 1-5 FPS. When I was on the APU alone, I was at 30-35 FPS, then with the antilag, radeon boost and other tweaks, I could get around 55-60 FPS. I think the VRAM is not recognised but not sure

SO I do not really know what to do! please help!! here are my pc specs:

Screenshot from dxdiag run command: Some part in french but dont worry!



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