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Journeyman III

No hardware encoding on OBS with RX 5700 and Freezing on 19.7.5

The whole pc freezes while I'm streaming Battlefield 4. OBS hardware encoding is not aviable. OBS is requesting a driver update but i'm already using the lastest aviable (19.7.5) of adrenalin.

System Configuration:

Motherboard: Msi x570 gaming plus

CPU: AMD ryzen 5 3600

Memory: 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz (SUPORTED)

GPU: Sapphire RX 5700 (Ref)

VBIOS: 113-D1820201-101Driver: Adrenalin 19.7.5

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 1903

I'm very disappointed with AMD, I've used AMD products my whole life (Athlon XP, Sempon, FX, Ryzen) but it's my first time with AMD GPU's. I won't sell the GPU anyway, I hope AMD can fix these problems as it did with the rx480. But now, even my old mid-range 660ti with OC is more stable.

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Journeyman III

Hello there! 

I'm having exactly the same problem.

I'm trying to stream apex legends with obs. Sometimes it crashes after just a couple of mintues, sometimes i can stream for a little while. Obs Crashing, wattman freezing, black screen flashing, pc freezing, cursor stuttering, while PC freezing. Have to force reboot.

For most of the times i can play with no problems without streaming. Anyway, i wantes to check the temperaturen a little more so i have ryzen master and wattman rundning on my second monitor... Hell, wattman freezing and stops functioning all the time so i cant even watch my gpu temp properly. The CPU temp is fine, but ryzen master also freezing and stop functioning from time to time but not as often as wattman. Wattman literally freez ALL the time.

This sucks so much.

I've decided to turn my pc back in monday so they can check everything. 

Hopefully i will get them to get rid of the 5700 xt and replace it with 2070 super (paying them the difference)

Could be more problems with the pc, but I think it's the 5700 xt causing all these problems.

Bought a computer for 1800euros, and can't do anything with this piece.

Had this pc for 4 days, all time ive spent is to try to fix all problems. Im so tired from this crap disappointed.

Also used amd product all the time, but... This have made me moving to the Green ones if possible with place i Bought it from. 

System: ryzen 3700x, gigabyte x570 gaming x, corsair 3200mhz 16gb, Asus rx 5700xt.

Adept I

same Here ! 

even in Ryzen 9 also in intel Based system even with watercooled card.

its unusable 


Have you installed AMD Encoder plagin for OBS? It fixes issues you mentioned for a lot of ppl.
Also have you tried streaming via Relive in Radeon settings? It does work for sure without any plagins needed.

Adept I

It has nothing to do with relive or the Obs Encoder , even if you are only in Game all screens got black for a second and the driver chrashing and starts again,


It's another story and they are many topics on this forum about crashes/blackscreens with new amd gpus with suggested workarounds and troubleshooting, it would be recommended to check these.
Topicstarted mentioned another problem he has that is related to streaming on hardware encoders with these cards so my question was adressed to him


Sorry you are all having this issue, that is likely a driver issue. You all need to report the issue to AMD for them to fix it. Reporting here is great for informing the community and getting ideas from other users who have fixed maybe the same issue but this is a USER TO USER forum only so you need to tell AMD by filing a support ticket, the more of you that do it the better:  Online Service Request | AMD 

Journeyman III

Another one having this issue. Apex just doesn't want to stream. Have stream tested a few other games and it works. but Apex...nope. My main issue is when I'm streaming which I can do for a few minutes obs just stops transmitting data 'capture window no longer exists, terminating capture'

Previously I was getting 'Device Removed Reason: 887A0006' but that seems to have been fixed in the previous updates maybe?

Updated bios could have fixed that also. Not sure as no driver updates have really given much info on their updates besides the main fixes.

Trying to look for this troubleshooting amd and will give those fixes a shot. Not sure if they will help. Have tried quite a lot of fixes on the web but yeah. I feel so that they are driver issues. Will send in a support ticket

<Edit> Seems I'm getting the device removed again >.>

Journeyman III

Well, I'll publish a update about the issue: Streaming other games the perfomance it's very good, thanks to the R5 3600 and a stupid oversized 360mm water cooler the cpu encoding isn't a trouble. I still not able to use the hardware endcoding anyway. I found that the problem it's the game itself, freezing the whole pc sometimes randomly. With WOW, CS:GO, DOOM or even Crysis 3 I don't have this problem. So I think that is a driver troubles with old games. Anyway there a long road ahead for these new architectures to polish them.