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Journeyman III

no display from graphics card

Hello, I was installing a light and testing some drives a couple days ago, and my girlfriend adjusted a fan that in turn blew a small piece of aluminum foil into my workspace. Unfortunately that piece of aluminum foil landed right on top of the exposed board of my GPU, which was on and running at the time. There was a spark the instant the two touched, and I panicked and shut down my system immediately. Since then I have tried to power it back on and cannot get a display from the GPU, but the fans are spinning. Did I possibly just short the port, the only one I have a monitor that will work with is the HDMI currently so I am unable to test either of the DVI ports or the Display port. Ice tried a few different troubleshoots and still no display. Wondering if anyone here can tell me how to fix it, or if it is just toast. Thank you.



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Re: Possible dead GPU

First you didn't mention the Make & Model of your GPU card.

Also when the GPU card got physically shorted did the PC shutdown or kept going?

Most likely you burnt out and  opened a thin metallic tracing at or near the GPU port where it shorted out.

Since your Warranty is voided due to Customer error, I would remove the GPU Covering and physically check to see if any metallic tracings are burnt or any electronic components. 

Also check the Monitor's Cable for burned pins and at the GPU port. Also check the PCIe Power cable from the PSU to the GPU card for damage. When you remove the GPU card check the Motherboard's PCIe slot for damage.

You can always take it to a Computer Repair Center that repairs GPU cards but that will probably be expensive.

NOTE: depending on the GPU card you have you may need to replace the Thermal Pads besides the Thermal paste if you remove the Cowl or covering.

EDIT: Try uploading a photo of the area where the GPU Card got shorted out.

Hopefully if it is just one or two metallic tracings you can fix that yourself unless it is under a second or third layer of the PCB. In that case, it will be very difficult for you to fix it.