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Journeyman III

New RX 580 screen artifacts

Hello guys. I bought an rx580 about a week ago and sometimes the screen freezes, artifacts (green squares) appear and then the display goes black for a few seconds. After this I get the "driver timeout" error from Radeon Software (version: 20.11.2). The weird thing is that this has only happened while the gpu was "idle" - I wasn't playing any game, just browsing youtube and steam. The temperature was normal (about 30° C) and the gpu usage was low. Games run perfectly - no crashes whatsoever and the highest temperature reached was 78°C, which I believe is normal. I have already reinstalled the drivers and the problem seemed to have disappeared for a while, but then it happened again. My question is: Is this a driver issue or is my GPU faulty? Should I rma it?

My specs: i3 8100 3.6 GHz, rx 580 8 GB OC edition, 16 GB ram, psu: Seasonic S12III 550W.

I have a Lenovo Legion y25f monitor connected to the rx580 via DisplayPort.

I also ran an occt stress test and got no errors.

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