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New RX 560 monitor doesnt run at native resolution

So I just got a new RX 560 yesterday. I used DDU  to uninstall old drivers but i didnt go into safemode. After that I installed drivers and everything worked fine. Except my monitor doesnt run at native resolution anymore. The native res is 1280x1024 but windows recommends 1024x768 res.Im using an HDMI to VGA adapter to connect the graphics card to the monitor. Furthermore, Im just not getting the performance i expected from this card. According to official benchmarks I should get 90 fps at ultra settings on DOTA  2 but im only getting 50 fps at low settings. Does this mean I have a faulty card,or is it the drivers, or is the hdmi to vga adapter?

Any help would be appreciated.

RX 560 4GB version

Intel xeon e5450

8gb ram

Win 10 64 bit

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