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Journeyman III

New GPU but less FPS


I replaced my gtx 760 for a new RX 570, but i have actually lower performances (from 200 fps on League of Legends to 105 fps) , and i can't find the reason.

(I have new drivers installed, my hdmi is plugged to GPU, not motherboard).

Thanks in advance.

Here are my pc's components :

Operating System :

- Windows 10 , 64 bits

AMD Graphics Card :

- AMD RX 570

Driver version installed :

- Radeon Software 19.12.2

Display Devices :

- IIyama G-Master Black Hawk G2530HSU-B1 24"5 1920x1080 @75Hz HMDI

Motherboard + Bios Revision :

-Asus M52AD_M12AD_A_F_K31AD & Bios Version 0604


-Intel Core i5-4460

Power Supply Unit

- Corsair 450W

R.A.M :

- 8 GB

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Journeyman III

Re: New GPU but less FPS

try changing Power plan to high peformance

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Big Boss

Re: New GPU but less FPS

couple of things:

  • more RAM would be helpful for gaming longer term
  • a larger capacity PSU would be more efficient too
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