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Adept I

New ASUS Strix RX 570 Glitching Out, Screen Static and Black Outs

RX 570 4GB ASUS Strix

HDMI connected to TCL S405 1920x1080 Desktop

Driver 18.12.3 (Have also tried 18.12.2 with same problems)

i5-3570K (no OC)

ASUS Z77-A Mobo w/ 0805 BIOS (latest)

8GB DD3 Aries RAM

650W PSU Rosewill gold

Win 10 64-Bit

Tried Uninstalling with DDU and re-installing 18.12.2 and 18.12.3, and both are having the same problems.

Well I took the plunge and decided to go Team AMD (YAY!) after being an NVIDIA user for many many years, and to say the least I am extremely disappointed. I install the new GPU and it's running everything amazingly, and I am really enjoying the card and then a day later, I start to notice everything from desktop glitches to full on signal dropping from my screen when I switch inputs on the screen. It seems to primarily happen when I change video modes (like when I wake the PC up from sleep mode, or leave out of a game back to desktop). Rainbow colored static across the screen and audible "popping" when this happens. Is there any fix for these problems? or is it just a bad card? are these known issues? My NVIDIA card never gave me a single problem even after 3 years of use nearly every day.

Any solutions are greatly appreciated guys. I really hope it's not a hardware issue but that's what it's looking like.