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Adept I

New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

New driver release doesn't affect my problem.
My AIDA/WattMan sensors stop responding and freezes when im playing Apex Legends. After few minutes my whole pc/game freezes too. I see my mouse cursor and could move it but cant do more things. I just hold my "power" pc button to force shutdown it.
i7 - 4770k @4,25 (tried stock settings too, @3,5)
Asus z 87-k
16gb DDR3 @1600
rx 5700XT
PSU Zalman 700wt
What i have done (nothing helped so far):
1) Installed fresh windows
2) Reinstalled new and old driver several times (like 8-10 times already) with DDU or manual or safemode DDU
3) Undervolted (auto and manual)
4) Boosted (auto and manual)
5) Installed with amd settings/ without amd settings, auto-detect or exact driver
6) Tried to switch on/off sync's, VSR, Overlay
7) Reconnected my GPU from different PSU lines
8) Updated BIOS to latest version
Also i tried to stress test my system with AIDA, and it easily passed with no issues
11mins of stress test (today with new driver and minimum undervolt/cooling modded):
graphic core voltage: 1,062v
graphic mem voltage: 0,850v
SoC: 0,850v
Temp: 70-72C
Hotspot: 87-89C
Maximum RPM: 2750 (55%) - little bit noisy but still usable
Maximum power: 162WT (was 203 before driver update, pretty strange)
After that test i came to play Apex Legends and i got a blackscreen like in 5 minutes
Also i changed rx 5700 XT to my old GTX 960 and it works like a charm with not a single issue, but lower graphics of course
p.s. i wrote a big letter to support with all my steps and after 3 days they answered like:
- Did you upgrade your bios? - Did you reinstall you driver?
srsly wat? me no potato and i wrote all of that in my first letter, why you asking again?
Im little bit angry, sorry for that
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Adept II

Re: New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

I feel your pain....

AMD 3900X

Asrock X570


I followed all instructions for installation of the new driver 19.7.2 and I cannot find many improvements over 19.7.1 except a small margin of better stability when i run Unigine Benchmark and Wattman seems to not be as buggy but had to go to sleep after messing with the system for hours last night.

Temps are the same in testing and benchmarking is the same for me.

I have also tried many of the methods you listed above. In fact, i had to roll back to more stable bios on my motherboard because the latest version caused more stability issues.

I am still experiencing the same shutdown issues as before.

After work today i will give it more time and energy but the drivers seem to be a very small step forward.

Adept I

Re: New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

Okay guys looks like i got some kind of stability.
1) DDU and reinstall driver again
2) Turn off AMD Overlay by disabling it in Overlay settings (not just deleting key combination as it said in guides)
3) Do not load any soft which would use sensors (AIDA for example)
4) Do not alt+tab
5) Do not load any programs/browser which could cause notifications
6) Play in full screen mode (not windows borderless)
That worked for me, played few hours and didn't get any crashes/freezes yet
maybe just lucky, but was crashing like 5 times per hour before i tried that
Adept I

Re: New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

Same here


AsRock X370


This new driver did literally nothing. Constant crashes, they didn't do anything about the multi display problem they have. So frustratiing. Hope they don't take another 2 weeks for 19.7.3 >.>

Adept III

Re: New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

3600x / 5700xt - I had instant issues installing 19.7.2 from the Adrenaline program (using simple and then tried clean which is SUPPOSED to DDU but apparently doesn't?), however once I DDU'd myself and installed the 420mb file from I am no longer crashing. Have you tried to install the driver from itself?

Adept II

Re: New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

I have similiar problem in BO4 with 5700XT. Driver will slowsly start crashing after playing for a while. It will make windows static, freeze the taskbar finally causing the game to freeze and give me black screen. Once this happenes I can only restart my PC with power button. This issues only exist in this game. I also tried everything you listed and even more. I'm fighting 4th day to make this game work but nothing helps. I don't know if I should wait for better drivers or just refund this card and grab RTX 2070...

Adept I

Re: New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

I crashed last night after a longer-than-usual gaming session (4 hours or so).  I started getting intermittent black screen flickers, and fps slowed to a crawl here and there.  It seemed any time the fan would ramp up, the screen would flicker more (mind you freesync is off, so these are dropped frames, not freesync flickers).  I think its clear there is a problem with the power management/fan curve in the stock firmware.  I'm not sure whether it was improved going from 19.7.1 to 19.7.2, but the card simply gets too hot for its own good and crashes after a while.  I've ordered an EKWB cooler in the hopes that my theory is correct:

If running cooler helps, then at least we'll know cards with upgraded coolers will be "safe".  I'll add this to my coolant loop ASAP and report back.

On that note, has anyone installed a cooler like the Accelero Xtreme and seen any improvement?

Adept II

Re: New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

Has your system been working fine after posting this? Because I'm going to give this a try.

Adept III

Re: New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

I ordered one of those special edition blocks as well, but already planned to water cool mine so hopefully this will also help. I'm convinced the crashes are due to over heating when the fan doesn't ramp up when it should.

Journeyman III

Re: New 19.7.2 driver released. Still not fixed crashes.

Had the same issue - this worked for me:

1. Uninstall with DDU

2. Restart

3. Open Device-Manger

4. Update Display Driver manually from 19.7.2 extracted installation folder (i.e. c:\amd\....) - Don't start setup.exe or install Adrenaline Software

5. Restart

Switched from Nvidia - really not the best first impression