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Adept I

Negligible artifacts on my RX 580. How long will it last?

Hello. As you may guess from the title, I bought a GPU that mined. I bought it about 2 months ago, and so far it's working fine. GPU benchmarks are identical to other online results. I changed paste and cleaned the GPU, I'm taking care not to bring GPU above 70 degrees celsius. I have used AMD Chill to limit FPS to 60, although I'm not sure if that helps with anything.

The artifacts are in form of tiny white flickering pixels that appear randomly on screen, and you can only see them if you are really close to the monitor. Rarely the card crashes for some reason and I have to restart the PC, but after that everything's fine again.


With this tempo, how long do you think the GPU will last me for? I bought it for just a hundred dollars, but I would like it to stay alive until newer gpu's become more accessible, otherwise I'm returning back to gt 1030 lol

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