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Adept III

Re: NEED HELP with lots of 5700 XT issues!

hi, there are the latest drivers 20.1.2, check

Journeyman III

Re: NEED HELP with lots of 5700 XT issues!

Hello people I have found the solution that works flawlessly for me !!!!!


Important steps have to be done before you let go!


First download the original manufacturer of the graphics card driver w.z.b.

Download ASUS TUF RX 5700XT from Asus and not from AMD Direkt! There is also firmware for the following graphics card that I have patched. I also post the link for direct download for the following model: TUF 3-RX5700XT-O8G-GAMING


Graphics card driver Radeon 19.30.02:




After installing the AMD driver, you will find the AMD folder in your C: \ drive.

There is the last downloaded version you installed. Open your folder and there you will find the Bin64 folder where you will find the deinstallation software that will correctly put your computer into maintenance mode to completely uninstall the driver.

First you start the clean uninstall and the PC restarts in maintenance mode

Uninstall the driver with the software that starts automatically after loading Windows.

 After uninstalling, I recommend that you cleanly disconnect your PC or notebook from the Internet.

As soon as you have disconnected the internet connection, restart your device and then install the previously downloaded original manufacturer driver of the graphics card.

After completing the installation of the graphics card software, restart the calculation again.

Then you play the firmware on it and that's it !!!


It is important not to play through the graphics card update that is not initialized by Windows 10 itself, otherwise the game will start again.