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[Need Help] does anybody have tested FreeSync on this monitor?

Could anybody let me know how is FreeSync on S24F350 or S27F350 monitor ?
at this time i have a nvidia gpu, i want to know if i buy an amd gpu like RX 5600 XT will FreeSync feature really works on this monitor?
S24F350F (Product page):
does anybody have tested FreeSync on S24F350 or S27F350?
(This monitor deosn't have DisplayPort)
Thanks for any help or advice.

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whats the reason of buying a 1080p 60hz monitor with freesync when u installing 5600xt on ur system?

You should go for 1080p 144hz


Thank you for replying. at this time i have GTX 1070 Ti and a 24" F350 monitor and i have tested 1080p 75Hz with help of nvidia control panel.

maybe in future i can change my gpu with an AMD GPU like Vega 56 or  64 or something else with FreeSynC compatibility or maybe not. but also i like to know how is the expreince of FreeSync on this monitor? 

Thanks a lot.


You do not have to buy amd gpu to have freesync on your monitor if your monitor supports freesync then connect your 1070 ti on your monitor via display port, then right click on desktop -> nvidia control panel -> G-sync and make sure its on also make sure its on , on the monitor as well 

Thank you again for replying, unfortunately this monitor doesn't have DisplayPort.



I believe the current green team drivers now support FreeSync over HDMI too, although I have read some complaints. You have to force turn it on though if it has not gone through the certification process. Worth a try if you hav not. The other thing you can do is use an active display port to HDMI adapter. 


Thanks for replying but i have tested with GTX 1070 Ti (driver version: 442.19) trough HDMI port and and i don't see anything in control panel for enabling G-SYNC or Adaptive Sync or somethings like this.


Community Manager

According to the Samsung product pages, both of the displays support AMD FreeSync. 

24" S24F350F Full HD Monitor | LS24F350FHUXEN | Samsung for Business UK 

S27F350 | Business Monitor | Samsung Display Solutions