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Journeyman III

My Xfx RX580 8gb is giving extremely bad performance

Hey everyone!


My system is a pre built and since day one it has been giving me extremely underwhelming performance it cant even run Gta 5 on 30 fps on medium settings I am almost certain it has something to do with my GPU as I have tried many things undervolting,drivers etc

i have also tried upgrading my ram but no succes 

I also installed a new psu last week but also no succces her are my current specifacations:

Motherboard:B360M PRO-VD(MS-7B53

Cpu: intel i3-8100

Gpu xfx rx580 8gb

ram 16 gb 

psu:cooler master mwe bronze V2 750 watts


i really have almost given all hope up this thing has never worked decent and it has been quite frustrating the last 2 years since i got it