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Journeyman III

My PC restarts when I'm gaming or my video card is loaded

I have a problem, this one I speak Spanish but I use the translator if it is not understood well it is because of the good translator.

My problem is with a Rx 580, when I am playing it happens for a while and the pc turns off and tries to turn on by itself, sometimes it turns on and sometimes it stays in the cycle of turning off turning on turning off turning on like this, I have the problem since 8, let's say after At dawn because that day I played at dawn I tried to play and the pc turned off I do not know what it is I thought it was the undervolt that I had either because I removed it, reinstalled the amd drivers either, I returned to an earlier version of the drivers Nor amd, re-ink all the amd adrenalin either, try to update all windows drivers of all format on pc neither temperatures is not, the game is not what I tried with others nor does it always turn off with everything whenever the gpu is under stress, the I tried to clean either, and the drivers I do not think are because I did not update them, I had never failed and I saw that several people have problems that turn off also what could I do and what solution can I do

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Can you please post your computer information like Make & Model of your Motherboard, CPU, PSU, GPU, and Windows and AMD Driver installed?

Also what is the Make & Model of your PSU in your computer?

When a computer shuts down like it does in yours generally indicates a Overheating, Overclocking, Power issue, GPU hardware, or GPU driver problem or something is not compatible like a hardware or driver.


Intel motherboard brand, Model DH67BL.
Intel Core i7-2600 processor. RAM 16 GB.
EVGA 750 N1, 750W PSU.
ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 OC Edition 8GB GDDR5.
I have Windows 10 pro Version 2004 updated as of today.
Driver version of amd adrenalin I have with 20.4.2 and 20.8.3 and with both I have the same problem


I had never had a problem with my pc in any way, it had always worked super well for me, I don't know what could be my problem or what happened and temperature problems I did not check everything and nothing everything is stable. And I had no overclocking I had an undervolt and I tried to remove it, leave it from the factory and the same problem and power problems I don't think