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Journeyman III

My PC does not feel smooth, even worse in games

Long time ago, I noticed that the games weren't smooth enough, even with incredibly stable FPS and Frametimes, I tried everything but nothing fixed that, until a few months ago I made tweaks to Wattman while playing a game, Wattman / Radeon Software crashes (That time the game did not lose image, normally when Radeon Software crash, the game loses image and I have to restart it), something normal sometimes, but that time, the games were smooth again! It was amazing, but a few days ago the problem returned , I tried to fix it the same way but it didn't work, my Monitor is overclocked to 75Hz, my graphics card has undervoltage too, I tried many things but nothing ever solved it again, I have an i3 7100, 8GB Ram, Asrock Rx 570 4GB Phantom Gaming D

I tried to remove the Undervolt, I tried to Overclock, allow the GPU to use more power, I tried 60Hz again (Much worse than I should), I tried to create the resolution with 75Hz in several different ways thinking it could be that, I made adjustments to the monitor , install monitor drivers with Monitor.inf (This solved a problem similar to Vsync in some games, something is something, nothing related to the problem that I write above) restart Bios, I have tried all that and much more, but nothing worked this time

Some games are also a bit worse, that time the problem was fixed, the games were incredibly smooth and stable, now for example Euro Truck Simulator 2 goes at 50-60 Fps and nothing fluent, when the problem was solved it was going at 60fps with high-ultra graphics and with Vsync and some frame drops in some cities, it worked incredibly well

I play Apex Legends, and the difference is very annoying, so I hope I can find a solution (Ark is also less fluent, but it is not very noticeable)

I'm sorry I wrote so much, but this problem makes me desperate