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My MSI R9 390 8G Randomly Crashes

During first 1-2 hours of usage, I have no problem. Then mostly while I am using chrome, I start to see artifacts, few minutes later they turn into 1-2 second long black screen, then eventually my PC crashes. When I reset, I can see artifacts on BIOS boot screen and Windows loading screen. Then my PC crashes after I reach desktop or it won't load at all. 

When I try next day, everything seems fine at first, until same thing starts to happen again and I feel like it is getting worse everyday.

Strangely, it generally crashes when I am using chrome but it is fine when I play Battlefield V at 4K.

Today, I updated  windows to the latest edition, I reinstalled latest AMD driver and I also updated all other drivers. Chrome is also up to date. The problem persists. I didn't overclock anything.

Graphics Card: MSI R9 390 8G

Processor: Intel 6700K

Ram: GSkill 2x4GB DDR4-2400

Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming Pro

Monitor: Samsung U28D590D UHD

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