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Journeyman III

My monitor is not displayed with radeon drivers.

I have 5600G CPU and I'm using integrated graphics of 5600G.

And I use monitor that have dual-link dvi port, 2560x1440 (60hz) resolution and bypass mode.

And this monitor is connected to my 5600G integrated graphics with DVI to DP converter made by Apple.

The problem is, when I  use "AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics" driver, my monitor is not turned on (no signal) and my monitor is just recognized as a 640x480 (I use another monitor to check this resolution, because the monitor is not turned on, )

 -- Driver Info : AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics (Driver Date : 2021.12.16, Driver Version 30.0.13023.4001

But when I use "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter", my monitor works properly with 2560x1440 resolution.

 -- "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" is basic driver of Microsoft, and is installed when we install Windows 10 initially

I installed serveral versions of "AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics" drivers, but all of these drivers didn't recognize my monitor and my monitor wasn't turned on(no signal).

And I try to change resolution and frequency using "AMD Radeon Software", but It didn't work as well.

I can't understand why only "AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics" drivers didn't work though "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" work properly.

Give me a advice please. 


My System

Windows 10 64bit

MSI B450M MORTAR motherboard (BIOS is updated)

16Gbyte Memory


Integrated graphics (in 5600G)


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Journeyman III

I solved this problem in about 3 hours after writing this post.

My monitor was displayed well with my external graphic card.

So I found the exact specification of my monitor with CRU tool (custom resolution tool.., you can find it as googling).

And I caputred the information as below.


And then I connected my monitor to AMD Integrated Graphics's DP port.

Monitor was not turned on yet, So I connected one more monitor to another graphic port.

Then I modified the information about my monitor with AMD Radeon Software as the same information I captured.

(AMD Radeon Software provide the function to add custom resolution, so we can change the information.)

And then my monitor finally turned on with 2560x1440 resolution.

I hope It will be a good solution to all of you with the same problem.