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Journeyman III

My little bros gpu is not working. radeon r9 290x 4gb, Any fixes?

He was on this website softcore or something where he downloaded mods for terraria that weren't in the mod loader. And the screen went black and I checked it out and changed the DVI cable and then restarted it with the button on the front panel and it booted to post with no issue. I told him and he went to log in and he claims to have been able to open a program then it went black and when restarting there were purple artifacts and it post looped. I spent hours checking things and using the monitor on other computers and other cords and etc. I eventually narrowed it down to the graphics card, So now, I switched the graphics card with a Geforce 745, Which I don't really trust will support what He likes to play. Not to mention the task of installing the right drivers as it used to use AMD and now I put an Nvidia card in there. But I just really want it to be fixed and back to normal and I don't want to label the card as useless just yet. I recorded the current state of it when you boot it, Also apparently there used to be RGB on it but I don't know.

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Re: My little bros gpu is not working. radeon r9 290x 4gb, Any fixes?

Pretty simple really, you install any mod that causes issues, you uninstall and start from fresh.

And this is an AMD forum, if you want help with Nv graphiics , go to to their forums.

And troublshooting through a thied party is a waste of time. you cannot supply all relevant info that may be required.

If you read the info required ?


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