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Journeyman III

My dvi-d connected monitor shows bios splash, windows logo and circle, then no signal cable.

I've got an msi RX470 gamingx 4gb and connected a Medion 19" monitor to it with a dvi-d cable.

When i boot my pc i see the bios splash, then the turning circle and windows logo then "No signal cable" before the monitor ultimately goes into standby mode (orange power button).

Windows does not detect the monitor at all. 

If i use a vga cable to connect the monitor to my laptop the monitor works perfectly.

Interrupting the boot to go into the bios works fine as well. The problem only occurs when windows goes to the logon screen.

If i use the dvi-d cable to connect another monitor thát monitor works fine so i can rule out the cable as the problem. 

I am a bit stumped as to where to go look for the cause of this problem.


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