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Adept I

my driver ALWAYS disabled or crashed when i play specific games ?? (onboard vga)

 (Ryzen 3 with AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 graphics)

This happens all the time, since I have a Ryzen 3 processor with Vega Graphic (onboard VGA) when I play some specific game such as minecraft, terraria, starbound, or game2 that does not require high graphics,

and my computer has a long "hang", the mouse can not be moved, I can not type, andI have to hard reset my computer,

popomusic_0-1671497447789.png sometimes if lucky I get a warning like this,

popomusic_2-1671497501220.png+in I had to enable-disable-enable-disable constantly or reset my pc to restore it

I've tried reinstalling my driver/update it

does anyone know the solution?

my pc:


popomusic_4-1671497730663.png(i dont know i gets Display memro (VRAM) 240MB... is it normal too???? or can i increase it? i remembered it was 2000mb+ or something


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Adept II

I see that in device manager the Vega 8 Graphics card has a yellow exclamation mark.

When this happens, it indicates that the system has encountered a problem with that particular piece of hardware.

I would suggest completely deleting the AMD drivers with a program called DDU (display driver uninstaller) preferably in safe mode and do a fresh install or click it in device manager and try to check if it can be fixed from there.

hey! thank you for that explanation

ive done that before but instead DDU i used 

this softwarepopomusic_0-1671498833109.png, and tried to install driver again,and back to normal, but still it always disabled when i play some spesific games

but today i just realized that my VGA only using 258MB VRAM instead of 2GB 


is this normal or no? 



APUS's (CPU with built in GPU) should share VRAM with your actual RAM so just 256MB seems very sus. That's why I suggested DDU (it's a more reliable clean up utility overal) because the yellow exclamation mark points out there is definitely something not right.

Are you up to date with your chipset drivers just to be sure?


yes i did reinstall my driver yesterday ( on AMD Drivers and Support | AMD )

and yellow exclamation mark points happens only if i play games to fix it I restarted my pc , 

is there a way to 'increase' my VRAM? 

oh and can i get the DDU link too?


Increasing VRAM on a APU is done in the BIOS, most motherboards have a setting for that.

DDU: Display Driver Uninstaller Download version (


i have uninstalled the driver today with DDU, and re install again the driver,,, 


this massage appears again when i playing games (deadbydaylight,minecraft and skyrim online,or even open adobe software ,5 times Hang+yellow exclamation marks total today,3 times i have to hard reset the computer cz mouse and keyboard doesnt do anything, and i hear "beep" sounds everytime i click or press a keyboard) 


i got reaelly confused looking up the solution on the internet, should i buy new vga card or idk i bought this pc like 6month all brand new from the boxes but somehow the seller didn't install it properly(?)