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Journeyman III

my amd saphhire pulse rx580 crashes. alot.

can someone please help me with my gpu. when i first built this pc there seemed to be no issue with any games. and then about 2 weeks later a few games started to crash. (fortnite, rainbow six seige, surprisingly csgo). that was about 3 months ago. now its so bad. literally any game i play it crashes within 10 seconds. these past weeks ive been trying everything. i reset drivers, reinstalled new drivers, i changed and made custom power plans, ive lowered game settings, and have been just reading other issues on the rx580 here. i have revived my RMA number and im about to ship it. i dont know when im going to but i just wanted to see if i can fix it before i send it. ive ddu the gpu twice too. and now when the any game crashes my monitor goes black for about 10 seconds. and sometimes when overwatch or fortnite crashes it resets my entire pc.

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Adept I

Having a similar issue with my RX580 Nitro+ 4GB after the most recent Graphics driver update(19.10.1).

Also in R6 Seige, can't go 1 game without a crash. I don't think I can RMA because I bought mine used.  Hope they can fix this. 


RMA may be the best option if the card is constantly exhibiting these symptoms, the only downside being a brief wait period before you get a GPU in return.

I typically follow a relatively simple procedure before I RMA graphics cards.

1. Enable manual fan, temperature control of card (this rules out overheating issues)

2. Abandon all OC settings (if applicable) 

3. Clean installation of drivers, AMD then DDU in safe mode

4. Check power supply (if problems persist)

5. RMA trouble card

Beyond that I don't really have the time or patience to troubleshoot further, in most cases anyway.


how long do u think it'll take?


The RMA process and turn around time, depending on the vendor and where in relation you are to their nearest RMA department, could take up to 2 weeks. This can be problematic if this prevents you from using the computer altogether but you may be able to have a local PC shop loan you a card while you wait or just pick up a cheap video adapter from a local big box store.