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Journeyman III

My AMD RX590 is not working properly and crashes multiple games.


I have an issue regarding my XFX AMD RX590. Whenever try to run some game (so far tried - Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice, Frostpunk, Apex Legends, Back for Blood, Mafia Definitive Edition) after some time my game freezes and my pc either restarts or fans on gpu stop rotating and it restarts graphics driver and it acts like nothing happened. I am currently running 21.10.2 version of driver.

My PC specs are:

Ryzen 5 3600


32GB 3200 MHz ram

1 tb nvme 2.0 ssd

650W PSU

Win 10 Pro

Things i have tried: 

Reinstalling drivers

Tried Global Tuning to increase power consumption of GPU in AMD Radeon Software. 

Increasing Fan Speed 

Taking out GPU and inserting in back to see if it was plugged in corretly

Checked cables if they are not damaged

Did memtest on ram sticks if they are OK


I am really lost in here because I would like to play some newer games but due to this issue I am not able to run many single player games. 


Thank you for every advice.