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Journeyman III

My AMD RX 480 fans spinning too fast when starting the system.

In the last few days everytime I try to start the system, there is no display in the screen and I have to reset the computer several times so there is finally display, and when I get into windows I get the AMD driver message "Radeon Wattman settings are restarted due to an unexpected system failure...". But now it is getting worse, few days ago I tried to turn on my PC and the fans of my video card started to spin wildly fast and there was no display. Again, I have to reset, turn off and on several times till the computer  finally gets again the display and use it normally. And then receive the same message from the AMD Driver. 

I've been searching on forums and it seems that the problem is driver related but I'm not really sure, do I have to reset the drivers, or is it that my video card is starting to die?. I have like 1 year or so that I dont play intensive games. 

I have the last AMD Driver. 

These are system specs 

AMD RX 480 4 Gb (dec 2016)

8 GB RAM DDR3 1333 Mhz PNY

AMD FX 8320 3.5 Ghz

1 Tb Hard Disk Drive

Thermaltake TOUGHPOWER 750W SERIES. ( Bought it 1 year ago.)

Asus Motherboard M5 A97 R2.0


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Re: My AMD RX 480 fans spinning too fast when starting the system.

Drivers don't take over until Windows loads, so if you're having a problem from POST to loading Windows, that indicates a hardware issue.