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Journeyman III

My 6800XT have non-XT specs

Hey everyone,

Sorry by advance for my basic english but I'll do my best.


So I recently got a 6800 XT from XFX and like I said in the title is seems like I have a regular 6800 bios even tho my radeon software tells me I do have a 6800XT installed

I think so for two reason : first because I don't have access to the rage mode while it's a 6800 XT only feature;

But also I noticed that my card only consume ~250w at full charge with stock settings, while other benchmark on the are more around ~290w


So I tried to overclock it knowing that the XFX cards have usually good potential; As expected the power consuption with +15% is around 295w but still far away the ~340w I see on any random OC benchmark;

Then I boosted the clock and even with a range of 2600-2700 mhz the card will almost never go over ~2550 mhz. The 6800XT from XFX are kinda known to do well above 2600 mhz so I tought mine wasnt able to get it because of the 50w lack of power ? (I already tried to change power settings with MorePowerTool but nothing changed)


So what go you guys think ? I'll stop it there for now, it's a bit late for me and I work tomorrow but in can drop any screen shot or more information if needed


Thanks for your time 🙂


(This is a copy / paste from a topic i created on the drivers & software category, but i think it fits better here)

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