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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

My 5700 XT crashes reproducable in Witcher 3


my 5700XT crashes in Witcher 3 reproducable.

I guess it is because of high loads. I tried everything, also wattman etc...

I solved it this way: presets on low.

Then i tried a little bit and found out that i only have to set "shadows" on low or medium. All other settings can be maxed out on high or even higher (also higher settings when you edit witcher-files over maximum-settings).

But if i set shadows on high or higher, i get a reproducable crash in witcher 3 every time.

Mission scenes of a marriage (hearts of stone dlc mission)  when i enter the everecs gardens.

There is a lot of fume / fog and every time i have shadows on max, i get a crash.

Witcher ends and i am on windows again. witcher is minimized but nothing can get it alive again, just taskmanager exit and start new.

I also tried newest driver 19.11.1 does not help.

This is not acceptable. I was so glad to switch to AMD again after lot of years... and now again! driver issues... not fine... sorry. Do you have an idea how to fix this?

Perhaps there is something in the driver buggy...?

On the two pictures you can see where i can reproduce this problem.

1 second with "shadows high" and game crashes.

-sorry for my bad english, i guess it is on same level like AMD-display-driver   :-)

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